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“Cherries. Now that’s something to long for in winter time. And not just any cherries. The Queen would only be satisfied with the finest fruit she remembered she used to pick herself in her chateau gardens. She would always wear a white dress and colored ribbons in her hair and she would only chase striped butterflies.

She remembered everything. The sweet taste of long craved red fruit, the sound of her aunt’s Lalique perfume bottle braking on the marble floors, the blue hues of a sky that once was endless, the pointy noise of silver cutlery during long exhausting social dinners.


She knew her life was one of the best love stories ever written. Because she loved everything that one would hate. She loved the cold wind on a winter day, as she would run barefoot in the rain just to feel the sky’s wrath upon the earth. Yes, she was “the strange one”, “the only one”. But most of all, she was THE FEARED ONE.

And that is why THEY LOVED HER.


The Queen was said to only let inside HER HOUSE the most distinguished guests. No one was sure who those guests were, as the whole ceremony was kept under extreme secrecy.

They only drank the finest wines and tasted the most exquisite foods. THE QUEEN had never been seen drinking other than from rare crystal and finest porcelain cups.

She was said to always ask for pepper even for the sweetest dishes, although no one really knew she ever barely touched her food.”


And this place, this place brought it all back…

Dear all, please find attached some of my suggestions for this year’s Christmas gifts. This year Santa has got about 1000 reasons to make an emergency stop by MY HOUSE. And for good reason too.

You see, there is more to Christmas than receiving. It is about sharing, about family and a perfect Christmas dinner bringing all together for this special time of the year. It is about silverware and shiny crystal and laughter and prayer. It is about ALWAYS adding some salt and pepper even to the dullest meals.


It is about finding treasures within ourselves that we never knew about.

And yes, I still DO VERY MUCH HATE Versace. However I asolutely adore the Rosenthal Versace line. Sunt o Domnita complexa, you see. :)))

Si da, unele lucruri trebuie savurate pe deplin. Nu pe jumatate. Sarbatori fericite!


kiss, kiss, kisses!

Domnita Flapper Girl