There are a few things one should always be aware of when playing cards with a loaded gun.
ONE: You will always be watched, so never let go of fear and stay alert even when you hold a winning hand.
TWO: There are easier as there are harder ways of getting what you want. Focus is key. And I always focus better when I’m wearing Valentino heels.
THREE: Once you lose the grips even for one second THERE WILL BE someone waiting for THE KILL. I hate to say it, but NEVER underestimate human will. There will be no regrets, no tears shed and no second place for losers.
FOUR: People WILL point fingers at you, love or hate you, but NONE of it really matters as long as you are THE HOTTEST SUBJECT at the gambling table. A short skirt will get you a nice car and a random cover but NEVER a career. I myself LOVE taking risks so always expect a great even if cruel game plan from me.
FIVE: NEVER FALL unless you are already down. ACCEPT NO PITY or REGRETS. Once you enter the game make sure you will be the last to leave the table. If you are not all in, you can never truly be all out.
SIX: THE TABLE levels ALL but STRATEGY. A nice face and deep cleavage only matters before the cards are turned. A practiced stare and a nice grin will always be a great cover and insure a clean cut win.
SEVEN: THE GAME ONLY CHANGES if you LET IT. Sure, there will be a few bumps along the way, and you may not always hold a winning hand, but the game is not ALL ABOUT THE CARDS.
EIGHT: There will always be those who try to COPY you. It is all deceipt and bad photoshop but no substance to their endevour. Only MORAL FIBER and TRULY GREAT LIARS can stand at the table. And a GREAT PLAYER is always both. There simply is no reason for second hand gamblers. Unless, of course, they’re serving the drinks or polishing your shoes.
NINE: IF YOU CHOSE TO PLAY CHOSE TO WIN. Once you leave the crowd and sit at the table you will never truly fit back in. Make your move ONLY when you are ready and NO ONE else is expecting it. They will never overpower you IF THEY WILL NEVER SEE YOU COMING.
TEN: The game is ALL ABOUT DECEIPT. And the greatest deception of them all is to STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF. there are countless Pupeteers pulling on strings of rugged and glass eyed dolls, but A TRUE MASTER OF THE GAME has the ability to PLAY HERSELF at will.
MAX MARA combo
ELEVEN: MAY MY ENEMY’S CUP BE ALWAYS FULL. And may I ALWAYS keep the key to the spirits’ cupboard. I never drink but I am one of the most accomplished fakers of them all. A clear head and steady hand always wins over a few drinks.
TWELVE: IN ORDER TO WIN ONE MUST ALWAYS and WITHOUT EXCEPTION BE THE BEST at the table. Short term aliences and bribes will NEVER be enough. VALUE, HARD WORK and STRATEGY are key.
THIRTEEN: ALWAYS PLAY LIKE A PROPER FLAPPER GIRL. That is WITH NO PANTIES ON. There is no immoral dimension to it as long as no one but yourself knows it. I do ADORE however to expose this fact after a win.
FOURTEEN: If you must CHEAT, CHEAT with style. And if you must lie, bring it to art.
FIFTEEN: EMBRACE YOURSELF. Know your strenghts and weaknesses and ALWAYS push your limits. TRUE WINNERS NEVER PLAY IT SAFE.
VALENTINO leather trenchcoat and DOLCE&GABBANA dress
SIXTEEN: CHANGING CARDS may change a few things but never THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME. Attitude, on the other hand, changes EVERYTHING. And heels, of course.